Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fancy Rooftop Lunches: Hotel Forum

So today  decided to take myself out to lunch. I ended up at Hotel Forum, located very nicely behind Piazza Venizia and in front of the Collosseo.
This place is just what I needed. Hotel Forum has a rooftop restaurant with a lunch buffet. Open from 12-3 for lunch, 25€ buffet, and absolutely worth it because the food was delicious and the service was wonderful.

The view accompanied by the 28 degree temperature and breeze made my solo lunch date perfect. Mainly because I was under the shade :)

Don't mind my finger lol
I ended up in the elevator with a woman who worked at the hotel from Greece, very pleasent woman. LoL so naturally i told her about my recent travels to Greece and how much i enjoyed it. She told me she loved the view from the restaurant; she felt it was the best in Rome. I disagree on that point but the view was nice. I could see the collosseo in the distance, some ruins (but where cant you see ruins in Rome), and the wedding cake building from my seat.

The wait staff was sooo nice. I thought since it was in a hotel they might be kind of snooty but they weren't. The waitress noticed I was taking pictures and looking around and at the view so she suggested I go up to the terrace where the American Bar was. And that was
another cute spot. She said it was very nice at night and that I should come back around 7 when it opens. I sat up there for a while and enjoyed the sun and the flowers.

Overall this is definitely a place I would recommend and  I will definitely be back. Whether you live here or you are on vacation you should definitely make the Hotel Forum rooftop restaurant a place you visit for lunch, diner, or a drink.

View coming down from the bar terrace
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