Friday, February 8, 2013

First Look: Spring 2013 Fashion Week

Though the 2013 Spring Fashion Week just started I already have favorite looks!

I had a prediction of what was going to come, fashion wise, for the spring. My prediction was flowy and sheer things... BOY! Was I right or what!?!  I love anything girly and I love flowy things, so if you're like me Spring 2013 shall be lovely for us!

The Spring 2013 collections so far have been a mix of flowy, sheer, and frilly with many neutrals & floral prints (brought to my attention by my oh so trendy Funky Feminine friend). Eeeeooooo white is a go for spring also! -- I adore white and I think it looks great in any season. I noticed that the Aristocrat theme from 2012-2013 fall/winter collection carried over to spring. I love the Aristocrat look! It is quite fabulous DAAAAAHHLING.

Below are 12 of my favorite looks (and why) so far:

**check the captions for the designer

Diane von Furstenberg you have done it again my dear! I can't tell you how much I love this jumpsuit! This has the bright yellow for spring; I love bright colors. You can see the flowy movement on the pant and the frill comes from the belt area. For everyday wearability I would close the neckline but honestly I would wear the jumpsuit as is.

Donna Karan went flowy to the max with this dress; the movement is amazing! I love it most because it is very girly and looks like a tulip :) This dress looks great and did you notice the neutral grey? It almost looks metallic. Give this to me in black or royal blue...or white :) and I would rock this!

I would call this business chic and definitely rock this at the office or to lunch meetings. Juan Carlos Obando kept it frilly and feminine. The neck frill reminds me of and updated and very modern ruff that was worn in the 16th and 17th centuries. He continued the frill at the waist and the knee. I am glad he kept the frill light because with that pattern it could get overbearing quick.

Zuhair Murad!! I love him! A lot of his work is classic, chic, and very feminine-- everything I love! Zuhair went frilly on top and bottom with the peplum and added a grand floral print. Very beautiful and not overpowering at all. Sometimes floral can be too much be he did a fantastic job.

This my friends is from the Armani Primavera collection! eeee! I love this dress so much! She flows like there is no tomorrow! I feel a bit of Aristocrat coming through also! I completely adore this dress and cant wait for someone to invite me to a gala so I can wear it!!!

Oscar De La Renta you are such flirt! This gown is amazing and so marvelous! The architecture and the lines are simple but that is really all this dress needs. I love the statement bracelet! You should either do a statement necklace, as pictured, or a statement earrings. (or that's what I would do lol)  

Here we go with the floral, sheer, flirty, and flowy. This Erdem Moralio─člu dress is the epitome of feminine with the lace and flowers. The rest of his collection is just like this super girly! I would never wear this but I love it though :)
I think this dress is first-class fantastic! It is so classy, has clean lines, and fabulous frill. Can you imagine how this Giambattista Valli flows oh so gracefully as she makes it down the runway of life!?!! The rest of his collection has an abundance of structure; pair that with the dainty sheer aspects and you've got a line intended for the high-class bourgeoisie individual. I LOVE IT!  Giambattista's spring line is all me... well mostly me lol.
Now this beautiful Elie Saab dress says dignity and royal pedigree, as does every other dress in his collection! I love his collection so much and it speaks to me 9maybe because I believe I am a descendent of royalty... or that I should marry into it) but I digress. His line speaks to the woman who commands attention, isn't afraid to make a statement, and exudes class and elegance in every aspect of her life. Truly amazing! The detail, the floral with the baroque print and the sheer fabric. The way this dress flows you can's help but watch.

When I look at runway looks I tend to drift between reality and daydreams about where I would wear the fabulous outfits. When I am in my reality stage I look for things that I could possible wear to work that are fashionable, interesting, and show my personality. I believe I have found all of those things in this Max Azria bodycon dress. It is very interesting because it has the zipper down the middle, texture, and an interesting pattern. Even though it contours the body the length is acceptable and it has complete coverage. It doesn't really follow any of the trends I listed but those listed aren't the only spring 2013 trends.  
This dress is so classy! I love the sheer and the layers in this dress. Having the two colors merge into a 'V' shape help shape the body and I think it would look great on anyone. I would have so much fun moving in this dress! I would move like I was in the Sound of Music or in an old movie from the 50's. (all the women's dresses had dramatic yet dainty movement) That is exactly how this dress looks to me. I cannot stand grey but I definitely love this dress and would wear it without question. I actually like it better cause it looks kind of like silver. Plus I think J. Mendel is great!

I can't wait to see what the rest of  Spring Fashion Week holds!
 2013 has great things in store for us all!!


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