Monday, October 1, 2012

Wearable Resume!

So when I make sets on Polyvore I always think of where and when I would where the outfit.  I immediately thought this would be the perfect Chicago fall to winter business outfit (just add tights).

I love this outfit! I think it is so cute and so versatile. This can work from morning meetings to power lunches to client dinners. The structure of the coat and pencil skirt give her the organized look and shows that she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants things. The pop of color in the coat and bag shows that she thinks outside the box, which is very important in business now. The shoes say a few things; The heel height puts her on the same level (height wise) as the people she works, which gives her the ability to look them in the eye and show them that she is not afraid to go toe to toe; the laces say that she stays laced up and ready to go (so to speak - because if you stay ready you never have to get ready); lastly the boot/bootie symbolizes that she isn't worried about getting dirty, figuratively speaking, in a lady-like manner of course lol. The earrings say class and that she accepts nothing less than class, elegance, and manners. The Hermes Kelly bag says that she means business. No one woman who does business with an Hermes thinks that money is a game. This woman goes after what she wants and usually gets it so when you come, come correct. All the pieces have detail, which say that detail is important to you and that you pay attention to it. This outfit is simple but it says so much.  

To sum up the woman who wears this outfit in three words - She's A Boss.
You can find this set on my Polyvore

-Versatile/ adaptive
-Detail Oriented
-Can- Do Attitude
-"Go Getter"
-People Person
-You Do Things Right the First Time
-Not afraid of a challenge
-The ability to speak to employees of all levels. (managers to VPs to CEOs)
-Proactive/ Always Ready
-You Strive for Excellence

She is everything lol and one day I will walk down The Magnificent Mile in this outfit.

If I saw this woman I would hire her just from her clothing resume lol

Moral of the story: Your clothing, and the way it is put together, always says something about you whether you want it to or not. So basically you wear you resume on your body. It could be your personality resume, work resume, or attitude resume. If you want to make a good impression you need to be conscious of your clothing decisions :) Sometimes your clothing can speak louder than your words.

So what does your outfit say about you?


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