Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Instaspiration of February: @LauraSykora

This woman is absolutely amazing. She makes me want to be a Yogi.


I am inspired by her strength and dedication; clearly this did not happen over night. Her core strength and upper body strength are just unbelievable. Though many women struggle with upper body strength, this, to me, shows that you can be strong and be beautiful. I say that because a lot of women think that if they lift or gain any kind of arm strength they will turn into a woman bodybuilder and that isn't the case.


Two words I would use to describe her head shots are astounding and Herculean.

I absolutely love when she involves her kids and husband in her posts.


 I've been following her for a little over a year and am always impressed by her posts. I also love that she does progression posts.


and I love all her pants -- shes so funky with it.

Overall this chick is so freaking cool. She makes yoga sexy and you cant help but be inspired by her. 

I hope you are just as instaspired as I am! LOL

She teaches yoga classes in New Jersey if you're in the area. Follow her on instagram for more information @laurasykora. She also has fun hashtag yoga challenges to participate in.


 Always Stay Beautiful 

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Buona Giornata!

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