Monday, July 22, 2013

Instaspiration of July : @DSSAAKSSS

So I am starting something new today called INSTAspiration of the month. Instaspiration are those I follow on instagram who are fashion inspirations, plain ol inspirational, or both!

INSTAspiration for July is Dssaaksss my friends!

She is DEFINITELY a fashion inspiration and I absolutely adore looking at her pictures when they come across my instagram timeline.

Everything about this woman is fabulous! I don't think there are enough wonderful adjectives to describe her!
I love her hijab; that is actually my favorite part of her fashion. She stays true to her belief but also to herself. Just because something is a part of you it doesn't have to be boring.

I love that she takes fashion risks. I am not there yet in my outfits; I tend to say with solids and one pattern. I am slowly adding colors and patterns in different ways. She is showing me the way lol.

My other favorite part of her is that she mixes and matches designers. She will wear KK or H&M with Chanel or Balmian or Giuseppe Zanotti (my favorite).

I like her so much because she is so positive and sets out to uplift people; even through Instagram I can see the beauty of her spirit.

Just Fab!
I wonder what she does because I would love to work for or with her so I could see what she wears all the time lol.

If you want to add her to your favorite bookmarks, like I have, here is her website, @Dsaks.


 Always Stay Beautiful 

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Buona Giornata!

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