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Favorite 2012 - 2013 Fall & Winter Trends


Well almost, fashion wise, not weather wise in Houston anyway. 

But I wanted to share my favorite 2012 fall trends. My style is Classically Chic. I love anything I can wear over a period of time that can grow with me and never goes out of style (i.e. Timeless and Ageless). Kind of like a Chanel bag. :)

One of my favorite periods of artistic style, which is why I absolutely adore this trend! I think it is so cute and very classy. This trend is great because once you put it on you are basically done styling your outfit. The dress or blouse is the outfit and the accessory. You only need a pair of simple earrings and a bracelet OR ring. I would also tone down the shoes but they should still speak.
                            Not sure who this look belongs to
                Torn by Ronny Kobo dress, $276,

Winter White
I love white and wear it all year around. I think white is timeless and ageless; it fits into any season. The way the Derek Lam skirt flows is beautiful and I adore the sweater and think the contrast of textures makes the look. I also love the straight lines of J Mendel Outfit. The coat is amazing! I think the fur softens it up and without taking away from the architecture. It looks like it accentuates the bust line without being bulky. The pants are also very straight but they have movement and the high waist adds to the two other elements of class. (fur and straight lines). Both of these looks have drama and it are fabulous.

                              Derek Lam 
J Mendel

The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing 
I think this look is SO CUTE! I am and will always be a city girl but I think the country is so beautiful; I want to own a ranch one day. I dont want to work it though lol I just want to ride the horses and sit outside with my future husband lol. Back to the trend though!  I love the fur on the guys jacket! The length on both is great. MK did a great job on making the woman's coat different, interesting, and practical. It kind of reminds me of Pete and Pete (remember that show?). I think the Thankoon dress is fantastic. It has a sweatshirt idea but doesn't look like one at all. Everything is deliberate; the neckline, the tailoring at the waist, and lines of the skirt make it classy, the bigger sleeves and the band on the chest bring the casual. i love this! They both make me want to sit in a cabin in the French Alps.

                       Michael Kors

I think I like this look so much because it calls to my inner biker chick. I love riding on the back of a motorcycle with a beautiful piece of man. LoL, anyway...... I like these leather looks because they are not biker chick chic or cat woman tight, the have elements of class and edge that look really cool. These looks seem very wearable and I would definitely add a few pieces to my wardrobe.
Theyskens’ Theory

A few other trends I ran across. Some I like, some not so much. 

 The Global Aristocrat - Ooolalaa very cute! I notice a lot of fur and many architectural pieces

Military/ Thoroughly modern military - this is cute as well

Black and Blue - I am not fond of black and blue together but that is whats fun about fashion; some can put together a look and make it work.

The Iron Lady - i dont really understand this look but if you can make it work BY ALL MEANS, do yo. 

Jumpsuites - IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. I like jumpsuits but i have yet to find one that works with my body shape. These are tricky but can be beautiful if you pay attention to to your body and how clothes and fabrics fall on your body. You MUST also be comfortable :)

LaLa Vasquez does jumpsuits well

Matrix - also called the leather look but it can go one way or another

Print/reptile print - I like print but I have to watch myself because it can go from cute to OMGosh no! in 5 seconds. Reptile print I am so so on. I tend to like it more on a bag or shoes.Again it is all about knowing what works for you and your body. I think these are cute

I am not fond of the Monochromatic look AT ALL, but done properly it can look phenomenal. 

Anything Ox Blood trend I hate.Especially when it is a monochromatic look from head to toe. Hideous. LoL but to each her own.

You can find some of these trends on Harpar's Bazaar, Glamour Magazine or the website, or  Marie Clare Magazine or website. (my two favorite fashion magazines)

 Always Stay Beautiful 

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