Thursday, September 27, 2012

Take Me Shopping!!!!!

A few people have asked me to go shopping with them or take them shopping because they like my sense of style or believe I can help them. It is very flattering to me but I honestly don't do anything fashion sense isn't overly amazing either; mainly because my bank account won't allow it lol BUT AS SOON AS IT DOES...WATCH OUT HUNNY!! Haha I do love fashion though! I just started getting into fashion this year but I think I have always had a good sense of style because of my mom. I was always told not to leave the house looking unkempt. {uncared-for or neglected; disheveled; messy; unkempt clothes; an unkempt lawn.}

So anyway here are my DO'S and DON'T'S to Fashion and Shopping! This is coming from someone who HATES shopping. I like to be in and out; I don't lollygag in stores for 3 hours lol. {if you have any shopping tips tell the people in the comment box}

DO Find Fashion Inspirations!
I think these are so fun! A Fashion Inspiration can be a person, blog, magazine, whatever! They can help you gauge what direction you wan to go in. I have 4 style inspirations; Actress Hayden Panettiere,  MUA Olivia Blois Sharpe from Jerseylicious, Divya Katdare the Physicians Assitant from Royal Pains and Style host Jeannie Mai from How Do I Look.

DON'T Be Afraid!
Fashion is all about Hit-and-Miss. I have had a few misses with my outfits but it's all good! Just chalk it up to a learning experience and do better the next time. Fashion is really no big deal :)

DO Make a Fashion Folder. (digital or hard copy)
This is my most favorite! So much fun; I love my fashion folders! A Fashion Folder is something you can refer to and preferably keep with you when you shop. My digital Fashion Folder is pictured below. The digital one you keep in you phone, tablet, or online photo sharing website like Photobucket or Flickr.  You need to be able to access it easily when you go shopping. What I do is find something on Instagram, Polyvore, runway photos, etc., screenshot it, and then add it to my Fashion album on my iPad.  I also have a hard copy folder for magazine pictures that I put in an actual file cabinet. 

My iPad Fashion Album
A blog I follow


DO Have FUN!!!
Don't think fashion is only for the serious because it is not! Don't get me wrong, I am very serious about shoes and I love looking good but I definitely wont let fashion drive me crazy :) I have fun putting together new outfits from clothes that have been in my closet. You should too. 

DON'T Reinvent the Wheel
If you see something you like copy the outfit. Don't try to come up with something different unless you want to. Example below: I would copy both of these outfits from head to toe and not have a problem with it! Just Don't copy your friends too much; imitation is flattering but no one likes a minion.

DON'T Break the Bank!
Fashion never gets so serious that you end up filing a chapter 11 lol. BUT SERIOUSLY!
"Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you." --Ralph Lauren

DO Shop For You!
Everything I buy and wear is something I like. I wasn't pressured by friends or by the trends of the season. (if you need to, do what I do and shop by yourself) I am not in any way a trendy person. I have many pieces I can wear over many seasons and still be "in style". I do have a friend who is trendy; it works for her and she works it. Being trendy, I have found FOR ME, is too expensive lol. 

Tips That May Also Help

Style Quizzes
A style quiz is not a must but it can also help you. This is the style quiz I took. Style Quiz and my Style is Classically Chic.

Pay attention to your body
This kind of goes with know you. I am 5'1 and have short torso ( the distance between my bottom rib and pelvis is small) I am not deformed or anything lol!! I try to wear things that give me an illusion of a more defined waist. The more you try on and experiment the more you know what looks good and feels good on your body type.

Know you!
You don't literally have to know yourself inside and out but if you know what you like or what you don't like it makes things a little easier. BUT if you don't know either when it comes to you and fashion TRY EVERYTHING!! Then you can decide what you like on you and what you don't.

Be comfortable
Being fashionable doesn't mean you have to give up comfort, wear heels every day, or deck your self out with jewelry. I don't wear anything that I don't feel comfortable in. Your clothes are like your exoskeleton, an extension of you, and you have to feel comfortable. When you feel great you look great and when you look great you feel great lol 


 Always Stay Beautiful 

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