Saturday, December 4, 2010


I absolutely POSITIVELY LOVE SHOES! Like it really doesn't make any sense! A Friend of mine came over a little bit ago and EYE (i use "eye" in all caps in emphasize "i" lol) was talking about shoes for like 2 hours (diamonds may have been 30 minutes of it though).
I was looking at my favorite site to be on when I get bored Jessica Simpson :), and was wondering when I would get the shoes I ordered earlier this week. I ordered the Jessica Simpson DANY shoe! So when I walked my friend out I saw the box that said JESSICASIMPSONCOLLECTION.COM! aaaaahhhhh!!!!!! omg I squealed and attacked the box and hugged it lol! Some may believe my love for shoes is unhealthy lol but I believe it is character building. So anyway I opened the box and lifted the JS tissue paper ( it was like slow motion) and LO & BEHOLD my DANY shoes have made it to me!!!!! The heavens opened up and shined a light on them! And of course I had to put them on and play with them :) *BIG GIRLS TOY* so now I am blogging in my DANY shoes lol with no where to go but I am OH SO VERY content! :) (I will add my pictures later-my phone is dead)

Another shoe designer attacked my shoe lover insides and tugged at my heart strings. Thanks to I was introduced to the shoe designer that totally and completely captures the essence of my personality! TAYLOR REEVE! Her shoes are TO DIE FOR and absolutely amazing! Taylor Says is her blog and this is her website Taylor Says on Etsy. This is her home site that will take you to her blog, facebook, website, and contact information.
I am so literally ELATED by shoes, heels really, I like Sperrys also, but anyway SHOES ARE AN EXTENSION OF ME & I wouldn't have it any other way.
I want to leave you with a video that is almost what I go through whenever I see a pair of heels I like/love.

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